VOIP Solutions

Voice Over IP Solutions

SIP Trunks are used alongside or in the place of analogue multi lines, ISDN2e and ISDN30e and are connected to a telephone system.

Benefits of SIP Trunks are:

Lower cost.
They are between 60-70% cheaper than ISDN with the same functionality of ISDN.

Multiple direct dial numbers.
A business has the ability to have tens or even hundreds of direct dial telephone numbers for individuals and departments.

Caller ID is available.
View information before you answer the call

Transfer and Divert.
The transfer and diverting of calls, manually, automatically, seamlessly and transparently to any other telephone number in the world across the public telephone network features here.

Ability to deploy and relocate quickly, to anywhere in the world.
Ideal in a disaster recovery situation or when an organisation is relocating out of their local telephone exchange area.  You can take your numbers with you anywhere in the world!

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