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Facebook Timeline for Business

Posted on March 7, 2012 by Team Fifteen

Did you know big changes are happening with Facebook? Facebook first widely pushed out its new Timeline feature in December 2011. The feature is designed to automatically organize users' status updates, relationship changes, videos and photos into an interactive timeline of their online life. With business pages, followers will be able to see a history of the company's products and advancements, along with a history of posts.

At the moment you can update your profile to use Facebook’s new timeline but on 30th March 2012 it will be updated automatically, whether you want to use it or not.

So let’s look at some of the changes and new features that your business page is going to have to deal with:

Cover & Profile Art
At the top of the page you can upload a new cover photo to showcase your business. It is 851 x 315 pixels in size and can simply be a particularly nice version of your logo or I recommend you get a graphic designer to create something special that will stand out and showcase your business. The profile photo has also changed slightly and now is square shaped only with a size of 180 x x180 pixels, your company logo should be used here.

About Section
This is in a much more prominent position on your Facebook page now so ensure that you have completed all the fields fully but be concise, keep it short and to the point.

Control Posts
Extra features now allow you to highlight posts that gives them more of a prominent position on your timeline as well as the ability to amend the post dates to keep relevant posts at the top of the page.

Create company milestones that are then displayed in your timeline, events, new store openings, product launches and so on are all good milestone additions.

Admin Panel
Updated admin panel features allow other Facebook users to private message your business, which is good for reputation management as you can deal with customer issues away from your public Facebook wall. Insights (Facebook’s analytics tool) has also been improved giving you access to more information about people who are talking about your business and sharing your posts.

Be Ready!
All business pages will be updated to the new timeline layout on 30th March but you can log in at any time before that and see a preview of what your page looks like. Be ready for the change.

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