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Website Traffic and Search Engine Optimization: The Domain Name

Posted on October 30, 2006 by Team Fifteen

Whether for business or personal use, before there can be a website, there must be a domain name, and one of the most important steps of a search engine optimization plan is to pick the right one. So what IS a domain name? A domain name is that thing that people give you when you ask for their we... [read more]

Five New Communication Technologies to Supplement Email

Posted on October 27, 2006 by Team Fifteen

Every business relies on effective communication with its customers. Communication doesn't just convey information, it inspires trust, builds credibility, stimulates involvement and generates loyalty. But in today's global, hi-tech, rapidly changing business environment, how do you ensure you're com... [read more]

Google Gets Personalized

Posted on October 25, 2006 by Team Fifteen

Have you ever become overwhelmed by the number of documents accessible via a search engine? If you're like most people, then you probably have. There are often millions of results and not every result is likely to be of equal importance to you. In addition to that, there is also ambiguity of lang... [read more]

Is Live The Death Of Google?

Posted on October 23, 2006 by Team Fifteen

Dig into any self-labeled "SEO forum" and you'll probably find some neatly organized categories along the lines of "Google," "Yahoo," and "MSN". Checking the amount of activity in each will reveal the inclusion of Yahoo, and especially MSN, seems to be a mere "courtesy" on the part of the forum foun... [read more]

Going Broke on Google Adwords?

Posted on October 11, 2006 by Team Fifteen

You've heard the stories. Click fraud has run rampant on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is evidenced by the numerous law suits that have been filed. One of the most notable cases occurred this year when Google settled their own click fraud case to the tune of 90 million dollars. In fact, Google and... [read more]

Web Standards, Browsers and Designing For The Future

Posted on October 6, 2006 by Team Fifteen

At present, a vast majority of webmasters are designing for IE (Internet Explorer) 6, which is not as W3C standards compliant as is FireFox, Netscape, Safari and Opera. In my article - "The importance of sound website design & search spiders to Internet Marketers," I mentioned the importance of... [read more]

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Build SEO Links & Web Traffic With Your Content

Posted on October 2, 2006 by Team Fifteen

Many website owners and SEOs (search engine optimizers) believe that trading links is the most effective way to build the hundreds of links necessary for good search-engine ranking. But there's another way to build links that deserves your attention: content distribution. A time-honored way of getti... [read more]